VUSE Alto Review

VUSE Alto:  Best Vape You Could Try

Today's review is dedicated to VUSE Alto. VUSE Alto is a great alternative to JUUL. VUSE Alto product line includes: Starter Kit, Vapor Mod, VUSE Alto Pods. The first thing we'll talk about is the VUSE Alto Starter Kit.

VUSE Vapor Mod Contains: 

  • 1 Power Unit
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • Charging Guide

VUSE Alto Vapor Mod

VUSE Alto Vapor Mod is a powerful device, the battery capacity is 350mAh. Magnetic USB Charger is a great and comfortable feature. You don't need to make sure, that your device is charging. LED Indicator will tell you about the battery charge.

VUSE Alto Guide

Each Pod pre-filled with 1.8mL of e-juice.
VUSE Alto comes in Original, Rich Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Menthol flavors. Each flavor comes in 3 different nicotine concentrations: 5%, 2.4%, 1.8% salt nic. 

VUSE Alto Pods

VUSE Alto Original has mild tobacco flavor for true connoisseurs! This wonderful flavor is great for those who do not like the excessive bitterness of tobacco.

VUSE Alto Original Pods

The strength of VUSE Alto Rich Tobacco will be appreciated by lovers of a deep and full tobacco flavor. This flavor is comparable to high quality tobacco that everyone will enjoy.

VUSE Alto Rich Tobacco Pods

The delicate and mild flavor of VUSE Alto Golden Tobacco is great for those who just started to try tobacco vape. This taste is very soft and unobtrusive. From the entire range of VUSE Alto Pods, this tobacco flavor is the mildest.

VUSE Alto Golden Tobacco Pods

The fresh, soft, but rich taste of VUSE Alto Menthol is the absolute pinnacle of VUSE Alto. You will remember this menthol taste for a long time!

VUSE Alto Menthol Pods

VUSE Alto is a great product that combines everything you need for everyday vape. Great quality, good reviews, variety of flavors. VUSE Alto is a time-tested product and it's worth to try it!




This is the best disposable vape so far….blows away the Juul ! Doesn’t make u cough, very smooth. Has a tight draw, like a cigarette. I def traded in my Juul for this one,


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