Solace Nic Gum Review: Another way to get nicotine

Solace Nicotine Gum - Tasty, Clean, Strong

Solace Nicotine Gum is a small chewing pad, that contains nicotine. Each Solace gum contains 4mg of nicotine, which is enough to freshen up and cheer up. In one pack of Solace, as many as 10 chews, which is enough for a long period of time! Nicotine chewing gums are convenient to use, don't leave an unpleasant odor and can be used almost everywhere. Solace comes in three different flavors: 

Solace Nic Gum Cool Mint

Refreshing cool mint is the classic bubble gum flavor. With 4 grams of nicotine, this is even more tempting!

Solace Nic Gum Fruit Medley

The sweet and aromatic flavor of Solace Fruit Medley chewing gum was created for those who love a lot of fun!

Solace Nic Gum Cinnamon
If you are a lover of piquancy, then you will appreciate the deep taste of gum with cinnamon.
If you're a vaper, you should try Solace! Feel the deep taste of each chewing gum and get nicotine without smoke, smell and devices!








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