SEA Air Review: New Format of Disposable Vape

NEW Disposable Vape Format: even thinner, more powerful and more capacious

SEA Air Disposable is an innovation on the vape market. The new design, which is very different from the usual bars and sticks met all its expectations. Despite the fact that SEA Air is a small and thin device that is perfect for everyday life, it contains 2.6mL of e-liquid. SEA Air - a device with a 420mAh battery capacity. A large volume of liquid and a powerful battery are the formula for long-lasting vaping. Each SEA Air gives you around 500 puffs per device!
A small variety of SEA Air is compensated by the fact that each taste from the presented line is unique and incomparable in its own way.
SEA Air Mango is a classic fruity flavor that everyone loves. Sweet and juicy mango leaves a pleasant fruity aftertaste in the mouth. This flavor cannot be bored!
SEA Air Green Apple Disposable DeviceFor lovers of sourness, SEA Air Green Apple is suitable. This is the taste of a green apple, which will delight those who don't like too sweet flavors.
SEA Air Orange Soda Disposable
SEA Air Orange Soda - a new taste in the SEA line. This rich taste combines citrus sourness and a fruit sweetness. This flavor is suitable for both sweet tooth and sour lovers. This is the quintessence of the most popular flavors, that every vaper will appreciate! 

My Rate:
I rate SEA Air as one of the best vape devices on the market. This is a small, convenient device with a powerful battery and a large content of nicotine that will not leave anyone indifferent!









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