Top 5 Naked 100 Eliquid Flavors

Naked 100 is hands down the most popular Eliquid brand on the market today. Whether you agree with the hype or not, you can't help but admire the success the brand has had, especially considering the amount of time it has spent at the top. Because of the large variety of flavors, picking the top 5 best naked 100 juices can be tough, and honestly very subjective. Before I even get started, I'll admit I'm very biased towards fruity Eliquids in general, and Naked 100 is no exception. I'll limit this list to the regular Eliquid line of Naked 100, and leave the nicotine salt NKD100 for a later list. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Naked 100 Lava Flow Eliquid is a tropical blend through and through. The first thing you smell is the strong strawberry aroma, followed by a sweet, tropical sense of ripe pineapple. The taste of the juice mirrors the initial aroma and shows off how well the brand can blend flavors and tastes. The strawberry is the star of the show, taking in the initial flavors of sugary sweetness, with a tiny bit of tartness. Before the flavor has a chance to settle, the pineapple comes in with a bold and powerful tropical taste. The whole experience is finally wrapped up with the subtle, refreshing coconut taste that helps clean up the other two bold flavors to a smooth finish. This flavor deserves to be in any top 5 list, even if it's just for the flavor fusion alone. This list is no different, and Lava Flow gets a respectable 5th place.

Moving on to Number Four, we have Go Nanas Cream. This is one of the Naked 100 flavors in their Cream line of e-juice, and keeps it nice and simple. Naked 100 Go Nanas Cream is exactly what you might imagine; a blend of banana and cream. As you might expect, the first thing you smell when you open up the bottle is a strong, ripe banana aroma followed by a smooth and milky cream. As with most other Naked 100 flavors, the initial aroma matched the overall flavor almost perfectly. Right away you taste a strong banana flavor, with a sweet and ripe undertone that is remarkably close to the real fruit. To balance out the banana, and add a little bit of 'oomph', Naked 100 adds the cream. This creates almost a banana milkshake taste, that is both creamy and fruity and sweet.

Number three is a refreshing, and fruity melon blend that takes the 3 best melon flavors and combines them into a fantastically balanced eliquid. This one has a bit of a subtle aroma when you first open it up. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of melon smell, but it's hard to distinguish between them all, and you mostly smell the watermelon, with a hint of honeydew. The flavor, once get into it is incredible. The star of the show, the watermelon delivers a sweet and juice base for the other two to build off of. The cantaloupe adds just a bit more sugary sweetness to the mix, while the honeydew comes in and creates an almost floral flavor and aroma, that blends perfectly with the sweetness already abundant in this eliquid. Naked 100 All Melon is my favorite watermelon based e-juice and gets a well deserved third place on this list.

Amazing Mango is one of the most popular flavors that Naked 100 makes. No matter how you look at it, or what metrics you use, Amazing Mango is at the top or near the top of the charts. The key to the flavors success is pretty evident. The masterfully blended mango and peach combination with just the right amount of cream creates an incredible flavor that delivers a perfect vape everytime you inhale. Mango is an incredibly complex fruit to include in an eliquid because of how dominant it is when blended with any other flavors. Naked 100 capitalizes on this and blends the fruit with two subtle flavors that add to the Mango, instead of trying to contain and overpower it. The peach adds just the right amount of sweetness to the initial flavor, while the cream creates a milky and smooth texture that blends perfectly. Definitely a homerun Eliquid with a massive fanbase to back it up.

Finally, it's time for the main event, my personal favorite and in my opinion, the best flavor that Naked 100 makes today. Azul Berries is a perfect combination of sweet cream and tart blueberry. This is a simple, yet incredible flavor that keeps it simple and still manages to deliver a unique experience. Right off the bat, you get hit with a strong creamy aroma, that is followed closely by tangy blueberry. Much like the initial smell, the flavor is predominately creamy, with a good balance of blueberry tartness and tang. This creates a sweet and delicious blueberry milkshake flavor that sticks to its root and doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. Naked 100 Azul Berries is a very traditional Naked 100 flavor that focuses on the basics and keeps the blend simple and focused. Truly a flavor that deserves it's number one spot on my list of top Naked 100 eliquids.

Final Thoughts:

Do you agree with my list? Chances are we have some differences on our personal top 5 Naked 100 flavors, but I'm sure a few of my choices made your list. As always, if you want to checkout the full line of eliquids, you can check them out and buy Naked 100 here.

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