Top 4 Pod Mod Starter Kits for 2018

Pod Mods have been taking the vape market by storm in the last year, with more and more alternatives coming out, hoping to become the next big thing. Naturally, this got me curious, what is the best pod mod out today? So I decided to take a look at a few popular options and see which ones, in my opinion, deserve to be crowned the best. Let's get started, shall we?

First thing's first, let's take a look at the American king of pod mod devices, the PHIX by Major League Vapers, and then continue down my list until we finally get to the European powerhouse, the bo Vape. Just to keep things on topic, and more succinct, I will only be looking at kits that offer pre-packed refill pods, not completely refillable kits. Look out for that list and review in the coming days.

This one is pretty popular and I'm sure most of you guys reading this are fully aware of what the PHIX is. But for those who aren't 'in-the-know' let's go over it a bit. The PHIX is a simple, and fairly affordable pod mod that is designed to focus more on value and simplicity, rather than overall style and presentation. Sure, the packaging isn't horrendous, but it's not going to be winning any design awards anytime soon. The biggest draw of the PHIX starter kit is its fairly incognito style and it's incredibly generous pod sizes. Coming in at 1.5mL each, these pods manage to pack plenty of juice, and stay relatively affordable, at around $22. The flavors are pretty good, but aside from the Cool Melon pods, they aren't groundbreaking in any way. Overall, this is a pretty good kit for the money and is fairly available at most vape shops and online stores.

The Cue vapor system is a fairly new face in the pod mod market, but it has some serious backing behind it. With a sister company being none other than Swisher International, Inc., Cue is able to invest a considerable amount of money into testing and perfecting their device, flavors, and overall delivery system. The end result is a fantastic device, that beats any traditional pod device with plenty of room to spare. With an aggressive pricing strategy and a truly delicious menu of flavors, the Cue system is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to try out pod vaping. With 5mL pods coming in at right around $7, these are the cheapest pod refills available. Paired with a fantastic system featuring a great battery, ergonomic design, and sleek look, this is a sure-fire winner in any list of top pod mods.

MyBLU, as you might have guessed is a product by the popular and widely known blu. Originally focusing solely on e-cigs and disposables, blu has decided to enter the pod mod market in late 2017 by acquiring the European giant, My Von Erl. This allowed them to immediately have access to a great starter kit, as well as a fairly unique pod system that offered more traditional Eliquid at a lower nicotine concentration. While most other pod mods focused on delivering a high dose of nicotine, MyBLU instead decided to go with a more manageable and middle-of-the-road 24mg. The result is a fantastic balance of flavor and nicotine hit, that never seems to overpower one another, and delivers a consistent and smooth draw every time. Thanks to the MyBLU acquisition, and an infusion of their 'big tobacco' money, Blu was able to fix the leaking issues that the original Von Erl was plagued with, delivering a nearly flawless vape, at a very attractive price point. If you want to read a more indepth look at the MyBLU pod flavors, checkout my previous MyBLU Pod Flavor Guide.

Finally, it's time for the bo Vape system. This is a very popular European pod kit, that's slowly starting to get more and more traction here in the United States. Featuring a sleek and futuristic design, the bo is probably the coolest looking of the starter kits I discussed so far. With a smooth finish, the kit is easy to hold and incredibly light. But, like with all the rest, that doesn't mean much if you don't have the pod refills to back it up. Fortunately for bo, the pod flavors are fantastic. My personal favorite, the Kiwiberry Caps is a perfect blend of kiwis and berries with just the right amount of mint to tie it all together. Out of all the pod systems I looked at here, the bo Vape flavors are my favorite, simply because of how much I love kiwiberry. The Mango is fairly good as well but lacks the fusion goodness of the kiwi. My biggest complaint about the bo Vape pods, or as they prefer to refer to them, caps is their price point. At just under $20 a pack, you get 4.5mL which is by far the most expensive per mL price out of all the kits I reviewed here.

Final Thoughts:

Let's get to the good stuff, the part that you actually came here to read. As a sort of TL;DR, I'll break the above list down to the most basic of constructs: the top 4 list. Without further ado, here we go.

Top 4 Pod Mod Starter Kits for 2018

  1. Cue Vapor System
  2. MyBLU Pod Starter Kit
  3. PHIX Pod Mod Starter Kit
  4. bo Vape One Pod Kit

As always, if you're interested in learning more about the above kits, or if you want to check out the full line of pod refills each brand offers, you can take a look or buy them here.

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