MyBLU Pods Flavor Guide

This has been a big year for blu e-cigs so far. The European owned company has finally released its brand new line of Pod Mods, dubbed MyBLU to the United States. After seeing massive success in its European market, this seemed like the obvious next step for the e-cig powerhouse. Born from their acquisition and subsequent purchase of the German-based Von Erl, blu rebranded the popular European pod mod under its own, more familiar and recognizable moniker, MyBlu. As is the tradition with any new vape to hit the market, let's give the different MyBLU liquidpod flavors a try and see if they can live up to the hype, or at least compare to their competitors. So, let's get started.

Cherry Crush is a familiar flavor to most people who tried blu products in the past. It used to be, and I believe still is, their most popular disposable e-cig flavor that they have released. Packed with juicy cherry goodness and subtle hints of vanilla, this flavor is a perfectly balanced and incredibly smooth fruity juice. Although the pod itself is not very aromatic to start with, the flavor is strong and consistent throughout the entire pod. With a good nicotine hit and a robust flavor, this is easily my favorite liquidpod from the current lineup.

Gold Leaf pods are most likely going to be the most widely available pods, and the most common flavor this time around. Mostly due to the fact, that for now, the MyBLU Starter Kit only comes with a free Gold Leaf pod. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, considering that MyBLU is taking a similar marketing route that JUUL took, and focusing strictly on current cigarette smokers. Gold Leaf offers a familiar tobacco flavor, that some might find a bit on the mild side. The taste and familiar Virginia tobacco spice are there, albeit subtle, but the end result is still a very satisfying vape, with a controlled and balanced nicotine hit.

Polar Mint is a strong contender to be my second favorite, following the Cherry. The flavor has a strong minty flavor that doesn't tend to dramatically overpower your palate. The peppermint provides a bit of chilling spice, while the spearmint smoothes out the experience, followed by a subtle hint of tobacco flavor to round out the whole experience. All the flavor profiles combine to form a very tasty, and surprisingly relaxing blend, that manages to tone done the nicotine hit, resulting in a much more manageable and pleasant vape.

Magnificent Menthol is MyBLU's answer to menthol cigarettes its target audience might be craving. The menthol in this juice is strong with a familiar lingering feeling that you would find in popular cigarette brands. At times, the menthol can taste a bit overpowering, virtually eliminating any tobacco flavor that is present in the juice itself. Every once in a while, however, you get the perfect hit, and the result is nothing short of incredible. The menthol hits you, followed by a subtle blend of tobacco spices and nicotine to round out the experience. This is a great flavor if you're looking for something familiar, yet refreshing.

Vivid Vanilla is a great flavor to finish off the taste test. Vanilla is a great base and is a common flavor profile in many popular Eliquids. The MyBLU version of the vanilla workhorse is pretty darn good. The flavor is subtle, unlike the others in the MyBLU lineup. Although you might expect this to lead to a stronger and harsher nicotine hit, I can assure you that that is not the case here. Although subtle, the vanilla blends masterfully with the nicotine in the juice to provide a perfect delivery mechanism. The flavor delivers a good balance of sugar and vanilla flavor, that lingers in your mouth. The end result is a subtle sweet and relaxing blend.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I really enjoyed these flavors. They were both familiar, and refreshing to experience. I did like the Cherry Crush the most, but that could be because I'm a sucker for fruity vapes, like the Naked 100 flavors. I guess all that's left is for me to rank these guys, so here you go.

Top 5 MyBLU Flavors:

  1. Cherry Crush Pods by MyBLU
  2. Polar Mint Pods by MyBLU
  3. Vivid Vanilla Pods by MyBLU
  4. Gold Leaf Pods by MyBLU
  5. Magnificent Menthol Pods by MyBLU

If you're interested in any of the flavors above, or if you're looking to grab a MyBLU starter kit, you can buy them here.




I would like to buy alot of your vanilla my blu pods. Can you tell me how to do that please!!



Does myBlu come in jazz cigar flavor?

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